Sistema modular

Our modular system for menus

Please assembly the menu for your function from the following dishes.

The minimum number of persons for a menu is 20 guests; the listed dishes are available year-round and may be completed with seasonal dishes. Please note that we need the decision for one unitary menu for the whole group, for vegetarians and vegans we offer a seasonal pasta dish. The given prices of the single components are only valid in combination as a three course menu and are not available à la carte; the menu price results from the sum of the unit prices.

You have not found your desired dish? Contact us and we will assemble your individual menu suggestion!


Crema di carote e arance con zenzero € 5,00 per person
Carrot orange cream soup with ginger and roasted pine nutsvegetarian

Crema di spinaci con gorgonzola € 5,50 per person
Spinach cream soup with gorgonzola cheese and pink peppervegetarian

Minestra di cipolle € 5,00 per person
Onion soup with grated parmesan cheesevegetarian

Crema di patate € 5,00 per person
Potato lemon cream soup with pestovegetarian


Insalata mista € 6,00 per person
Small mixed saladvegetarian

Insalata di rucola € 7,00 per person
Small rucola salad vegetarian


Involtini di mozzarella € 7,50 per person
Mozzarella roll filled with red pesto, rucola and pine nuts, served with a small salad bouquet vegetarian

Verdure marinati € 8,00 per person
Grilled and marinated vegetables – zucchini, peppers and mushrooms –
with grated parmesan cheese on rucola 

Panna cotta al basilico € 8,50 per person
Basil panna cotta with cherry tomato salad with rucola and rosted pine nuts vegetarian

Carpaccio di pere € 9,50 per person
Pear carpaccio mit baked goat cheese, raspberry sauce and walnuts vegetarian

Carpaccio di barbabietole € 9,50 per person
Beetroot carpaccio with buffalo mozzarella and salad bouquet vegetarian

Antipasto misto € 7,80 per person
Six assorted Italian starters
– f. e. marinated vegetables, salami and Italian ham –
served on large plates for several persons

Vitello tonnato € 8,50 per person
Thin slices of veal with tuna sauce and caper berries

Carpaccio di manzo € 9,00 pro Person
Finely sliced raw beef – with lemon marinade, fresh mushrooms and parmesan cheese

Salmone marinato € 8.50 per person
Marinated salmon with honey mustard dip and little potato cake

Carpaccio di pescatrice e salmone € 9,50 per person
Angler fish and salmon carpaccio with lime orange dressing

Main course – fish

Sella di maiale € 13,00 per person
Saddle of pork with herbs, served with bacon-wrapped green beans and potato gratin

Medaglioni di maiale € 14,50 per person
Pork medaillons with calvados apple sauce, romanesco and mashed potatoes

Arrosto di manzo € 14,50 per person
Roast beef in red wine sauce with saisonal vegetables and bread dumplings

Arrosto di tacchina€ 15,00 per person
Homemade rolled turkey roast with spinach mozzarella filling, served with carrots in balsamic vinegar and gnocchi (little Italian dumplings)

Petto di pollo € 15,00 per person
Chicken breast in balsamic gravy with ratatouille vegetables and rice

Petto di pollastro alla Marsala € 16,00 per person
Corn fed chicken breast in marsala sauce with Mediterranean vegetables and polenta patties

Saltimbocca alla Romana € 16,00 per person
Veal escalope with sage and Italian ham, served with vegetables and gnocchi (little Italian dumplings)

Sella di vitello € 16,50 per person
Saddle of veal in gravy with herbs, served with vegetables and gnocchi (little Italian dumplings)

Costata di manzo € 18,50 per person
Rump-steak (200 g) with mushrooms, spring onions, herb butter and rosemary potatoes

Main course – fish

Sebaste con lenticchie € 14,50 per person
Redfish with lentils and root vegetables, served with mashed potatoes with herbs and olives

Salmone al prosecco € 15,50 per person
Salmon steak in prosecco sauce with leaf spinach and basmati rice

Lucioperca al limone € 15,50 per person
Sautéed perch-pike fillet in lemon sauce with vegetables and parsley rice

Saltimbocca di lucioperca € 16,00 per person
Sautéed perch-pike fillet – wrapped with Italian ham – with Mediterranean vegetables and thyme potatoes

Branzino € 18,00 per person
Sautéed sea bass fillet with leek and dill potatoes

Medaglioni di pescatrice € 19,00 per person
Angler fish medaillons with fennel and a mixture of basmati and wild rice


Panna cotta alle mango € 6,50 per person
Mango panna cotta with raspberry sauce

Panna cotta al limoncello € 6,50 per person
Limoncello panna cotta with fruit salad

Mousse allo yogurt greco € 6,50 per person
Greek yogurt mousse with roasted almonds and honey, served with strawberry sauce and mint

Mousse al cioccolato € 6,50 per person
Chocolate mousse with orange chili sauce

Crema di mascarpone con amaretto € 6,50 per person
Amaretto mascarpone cream and amarettini (little Italian almond biscuits)

Parfait di fragole € 6,50 per person
Strawberry parfait with chocolate orange sauce

Parfait bianco al espresso € 6,50 per person
White espresso parfait with berry compote

Parfait di  pesce € 6,50 per person
Peach parfait with raspberry sauce and mint

Mousse assortiti € 6,00 per person
Two kinds of mousse – served in small glasses